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Road Traffic Accidents*

road accidents

One of the most common incidents resulting in a personal injury* claim, particularly in Ireland, is a road traffic accident. J.J. Fitzgerald & Co. have helped numerous clients receive their full entitlement when they have sustained injuries due to a road traffic accident that was not their fault.

As specialists in personal injury* claims, we are able to assist with all types of road traffic accident cases, including:

Car Accident Claims
Motorbike Accident Claims
Bicycle Accident Claims
Bus Accident Claims
Passenger Injury* Claims
Pedestrian Accident Claims
Taxi Accident Claims
Cycling on a Tramine Accident Claims
Defective Bollards Accident Claims
Fatal Road Accidents
Hit and Run Accident Claims
Luas Accident Claims
Motorcycle Accident Claims
Motorway Accident Claims
Rear-end Collision Claims
Schoolbus Accident Claims

Road Traffic Accident Claims – Important Steps

Road traffic accidents can be dizzying and cause a state of shock. It is important to look after yourself – if possible, we always advise taking the following steps:

Seek treatment for your injuries – this is perhaps the most important step, your health and wellbeing are paramount.
Contact the Gardai – this is necessary as the Gardai will create a record of the road traffic accident which will be kept on file. Request the name and badge number of the Gardai you are dealing with.
Get the driver’s details – you should request the details of the driver at fault, including name, address, vehicle registration, make, model, insurance details and contact number.
Inform your insurance company – even if you are not the driver at fault, you should let you insurance company know of the accident.

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