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Accidents In Public Places*

accident public place

Accidents can occur in almost any public setting, but in cases where a personal injury* has occurred in a public setting due to negligence on the part of a local authority or private company, a compensation claim may be warranted. If you have become injured in a public place due to an accident that was not your fault, J.J. Fitzgerald & Co. can provide legal aid to help ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

Some common public liability cases we deal with include:

Footpath Slips, Trips Or Falls
Supermarket Slips, Trips Or Falls
Hotel Injury* Claim For Slip, Trip Or Fall
Slip, Trip Or Fall In A Bar Or Pub
Slip Trip Or Fall At Work Or In The Office
Personal Injuries * On A Private Property
Injured At A Restaurant

Accident In Public Place Claims – Important Steps

As with all other personal injury* cases, you should first look after your health and wellbeing and ensure you receive medical treatment for any injuries. Try to document the incident; take pictures of the scene and take the details of any people who may have witnessed the accident.

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