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Medical Negligence*

medical negligence

Medical negligence cases arise when a medical practitioner has failed to reach a certain expected standard of care, resulting in an injury*. As specialists in personal injuries*, J.J. Fitzgerald & Co. can advise you on whether your case amounts to medical negligence and whether you are entitled to compensation. If, indeed, you have been the victim of a case of medical negligence, we can then guide you through the next steps to ensure you receive full compensation.

Some common medical negligence cases we deal with include:

Delay In Diagnosing An Illness Or Injury*
Misdiagnosis Of An Illness Or Injury*
Surgical Procedure Errors
Error In Prescribing Medicines
Substandard Care Of The Patient
Substandard Hospital/Clinical Hygiene
Incorrect/Inaccurate Test Results
Substandard Pre-Surgical Care
Foreign Bodies/Surgical Instruments Retained Following A Surgical Procedure

Medical Negligence Claims – Important Steps

When pursuing a medical negligence claim it is essential that all relevant clinical records are obtained. In most cases, these include not only the hospital records, but also the general practitioner records. Potential claimants will be asked to sign authorities to have these records released.

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